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  • The Ick and Aww Factors of Ethics
    with Jack Marshall and Tim Muma - March 10, 2015
    There's a phenomenon within the human psyche that clouds judgment and gives way to emotions instead of ethics. Jack Marshall, president of ProEthics and a recognized expert in the ethical arena, dubs these the "ick" and "aww" factors. Jack explains to Tim Muma the various scenarios that lead to a confusion of ethics where normally logical decisions are pushed aside. Instead, people almost automatically favor things that fee...
  • What If Kanye West Was Your Co-Worker?
    with Jack Stahlmann and Cady Chesney - March 9, 2015
    Kanye West has been known to interrupt speeches at major awards shows. Most recently, he stormed the stage to protest Beck’s victory for Album of the Year. With his consistently poor behavior, Jack Stahlmann got thinking – “What if Kanye was your co-worker?” Stahlmann, known as The Don’t Flinch Guy, joins the show to share 6.5 ways you can deal with your office Kanye.
  • What <q>Frozen</q> Teaches Us About Hiring
    with Jas Singh and Jenna Connour - March 8, 2015
    Disney’s hit movie, “Frozen,” tells the story of two sisters: Elsa, the magical queen of Arendelle, and Anna, her free-spirited younger sister. The film offers many lessons for youngsters, but these can also apply to professional hiring processes. Jas Singh – Director of Iopa Solutions, a recruitment and hiring consultancy based in London – joins LJNRadio to explain the knowledge that hiring managers can gain from “Frozen.”
  • Zappos Recruiting Strategy
    with Christina Bates, Meli Gonzales and Tim Muma - February 16, 2015
    When it comes to innovation and creativity, Zappos is often recognized for being ahead of the curve. They're now looking to change the game of recruiting and hiring talent with some bold moves, all in an effort to target the best people to fill specific positions. Tim Muma is joined by Zappos' social recruiting and engagement specialist, Meli Gonzales, and Zappos' corporate recruiter, Christina Bates. Both guests explain wh...
  • Foolish Handbook Provisions
    with Jim Webber and Tim Muma - February 7, 2015
    Company or employee handbooks can offer a lot of quality information, and they are necessary for documentation purposes. However, whether it's due to a lack of attention, strange perceptions, or simply poor decisions, many of these handbooks have ridiculous provisions that make the employer look foolish. Tim Muma brings back Jim Webber, a true pro with more than 25 years of experience as an employment lawyer and a human res...
  • Myths About Hiring Individuals With Disabilities
    with Felicia M. Nurmsen and Cady Chesney - January 29, 2015
    The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a federal law that protects the rights of individuals with disabilities by eliminating barriers to their participation in many aspects of living and working in America, and also prohibits employers from discriminating against individuals with disabilities. However, there are many myths surrounding hiring these individuals. Felicia Nurmsen, President and CEO of Inclusive Workforce...
  • Talent Acquisition Metrics
    with Emily Gordon and Tim Muma - January 27, 2015
    Hiring efficiency has always been important, but the data at your fingertips has reached monumental proportions. This means individuals in charge of hiring need to sift through the numbers and figure out which metrics matter the most when it comes to talent acquisition. Emily Gordon, director of implementation and sourcing for Seven Step RPO, talks with Tim Muma to break down which pieces of information give you the best in...
  • Hire for Who They Will Become
    with Chip Joyce and Tim Muma - January 21, 2015
    Creating long-term success in hiring can be a challenge for employers as it takes some forward thinking, as opposed to focusing on the here and now. Chip Joyce, CEO and co-founder of Allied Talent, brings a unique perspective on making the best hires for your company. Chip gives Tim Muma his thoughts on how to effectively hire for who the candidates will become and how they will help your organization in the future. He argu...
  • Breaking Down Innovation Myths
    with Tom Koulopoulos and Tim Muma - January 20, 2015
    Innovation has often been seen on lists of "overused words" in recent years as employers have tried to push employees to be more innovative. Tom Koulopoulos, accomplished author and the founder of Delphi Group, joins Tim Muma to break down the myths that are associated with innovation, which are often seen within an organization. Tom explains why many ideas fail, what individuals and businesses can do better, and how a chan...
  • Reasons You’re Losing Your New Employees
    with Raphael Crawford-Marks and Tim Muma - January 20, 2015
    As many people know, the cost of hiring and losing an employee can be enormous, both in terms of time and money. Thus, it's important companies create a culture that helps to retain these talented individuals they just hired. Raphael Crawford-Marks, co-founder and CEO of Bonusly, talks with Tim Muma about the factors that cause new employees to leave quickly. Raphael offers some advice on what key strategies can ensure you...