Company Overview
There is no better place for child care and early education professionals than Bright Horizons Family Solutions. Our respect for young children creates an atmosphere of caring, delight, wonder, and excitement that makes every Bright Horizons Family Center a stimulating place where children and - careers - flourish. From spacious state-of-the-art facilities to the very latest in equipment, resources, and support, we provide our teachers with the framework they need to achieve their goals as early childhood educators.

At Bright Horizons Family Solutions, we not only respect the individuality of each child, we also respect the individuality of each teacher. We give our teaching teams the freedom to customize their curriculum based upon each child's needs and interests. Teachers are given state-of-the-art materials such as The World at Their Fingertips curriculum, which includes manuals and on-line resources. Under the gentle guidance of our teachers, children are encouraged to make their own choices and develop the self-esteem that comes from sharing in decision-making.

Bright Horizons works hard to ensure that teachers of young children are respected and honored. Our company values and practices provide opportunities for professional development that are unparalleled within the early childhood industry, and we honor our faculty through recognition and appreciation events throughout the year. These events include the company-wide Awards of Excellence Program, where teachers and Directors are nominated by parents and coworkers and eight teachers are chosen to receive the Janice Hill Award. In addition, annual Employee Opinion Surveys are distributed to gain employee perspective on making Bright Horizons a great place to work.

We are looking for leaders: Regional Managers, Center Directors, Assistant Directors, Program Coordinators, Teachers, and Associate Teachers who not only share our vision for quality child care, but also have the skills and talent to help us achieve it.
Company Summary
Bright Horizons Family Solutions
Number of Employees
500 or more
(617) 673-8727
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200 Talcott Ave
Watertown, MA